About Us

The South Carolina Asthma Alliance is a partnership of local and state government agencies, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, health insurers and medical professionals working together to address asthma. The alliance was created in October 1999 to strengthen the links between the health and and environment programs in South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control addressing asthma, to bring together public and private organizations addressing asthma and to develop coordinated strategies to address asthma in South Carolina. The alliance is actively looking to increase membership and make a difference in people living with asthma.

Vision Statement

The vision of SCAA is that asthma in South Carolina will be controlled and properly managed.

Mission Statement

The mission of SCAA is to promote a healthier South Carolina by eliminating the burdens associated with asthma through collaboration, education and leadership.

“serious change for a serious disease”

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Core Values

We believe that asthma is controllable and that everyone can play a role in the control of asthma. We value:

  1. Coordinated/defragmented care
  2. Collaboration and cooperation with others who share our mission
  3. Education and awareness about all aspects of asthma
  4. Sharing information
  5. Transparency – building trust
  6. Accountability for all resources
  7. Inclusive environment
  8. Using evidence based NAEPP guidelines