Thank you to everyone who helped make the most recent South Carolina Asthma Alliance Conference in Florence a success! 

Missed the conference? Check out important and exciting lectures from presenters below!

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Announcing an innovative new program to place asthma educators in pediatric offices!

The Asthma Alliance is proud to announce the beginning of a new grant program. The program, called M&Ms for Asthma is a new project which offers MONEY and MENTORING to Pediatric offices desiring to bring a certified asthma educator (AE-C) into their practice. These grants of $500 will help defray part of the expenses incurred by a practice which designates a staff member to prepare for and take the certifying examination for asthma educator status. Click here for full details of the program as well as information about asthma educators and the application form for those wishing to apply.

Completed applications should be returned by Secure Fax: (864) 751-1614 or    Email to:scasthmaalliance@gmail.com

For additional information, contact SCAA Executive Director Barry Clayton scasthmaalliance@gmail.comor program originator, Dr. C. Michael Bowman cmbowmansc@gmail.com